selected works

download here the complete and actual list of compositions (Nov. 2011)


Três Quadros sobre Pedra  (2008)
for percussion and pre-recorded sounds (ca. 16')
program text

Klangspiegel  (2002)
for quartetone-trumpet with tam-tam and 4-channel-tape (ca. 23')
program text

"...Winterlich Ruhende Erde..." (2000),
for violoncello (ca. 18')
program text

Movimento(s), (1996/97)
for clarinet (ca. 6')

Small Groups

Echo und die unvermeidbare Natur des Übergangs  (2007)
for string quartet (ca. 11')
program text

Vermalung III - Batmant  (2007)
for amplified percussion quartet (ca. 11')
program text

Kippfigur (2004)
for 2 Alto Saxophones, Tenor Saxophone and Baritone Saxophone (ca. 5')
program text


Vermalung IV - Ludwig v.  (2007)
for orchestra (ca. 4')
program text

Musik in Granit (2007)
für neun Instrumente (ca. 9')
program text

Anatomia de um Poema Sonoro (2004)
for Soprano, Speaker, Saxophone, Percussion, Piano and Live-Electronics (ca. 11')
program text

Trajectórias (1999)
for ensemble (ca. 10')
program text

Rumos, Caminhos, Direcções (1997)
for ensemble (ca. 7')
program text


for ensemble (ca. 10')
(in revision)


Etüde in Granit  (2006)
Performance für Live-Elektronik

Vermalung II - Donny G. (2006)
8 channel tape (ca. 23:00')
program text

Vermalung I - Westernmusik (2005)
4 channel tape (ca. 13:00')
program text

MUND (2006)
2 channel tape (ca. 60:00')
Music for a dance and theater performance from Birgit Götz
program text

Sonorous Landscapes I and II

4 channel tape (ca. 12:40')
program text


4 channel tape (ca. 6')
program text


Jasão e Medeia (1998)
for String Trio (ca. 30')