Sechs Augenblicke einer Landschaft
für neun Instrumente | 2007

I.   Corga Longa
II.  Der Prophet
III. Musik aus Granit
IV. Windmelodie
V.  Sitivit
VI. Kanon

Ein Auftragswerk des Deutschen Musikrates.

Bremen | 24.03.2007 | 20.00 Uhr | Die Glocke ->
Ljubljana | 27.03.2007 | 20.00 Uhr | Cankarjev Dom
Rom | 30.03.2007 | 21.00 Uhr | Goethe-Institut ->

Brüssel | 24.04.2007 | 20.00 Uhr | Palais des Beaux Arts
Lissabon | 27.04.2007 | 19.00 Uhr | Gulbenkian ->
Zagreb | 28.04.2007 | 20.00 Uhr | Lisinski Concert Hall ->

[Noise] bores like granit into granit. It is physical, very exiciting, and when organized it can have the impact and grandeur of Beethoven.

Morton Feldmann

The piece is divided in six small sections, which corresponds to different approaches and interpretations of the title. Musik in Granit evokes musical and non-musical aspects that were present during the genesis of the piece. One of these aspects concerns the Granite as a sound source: the Granite as starting point to a sound atmosphere dominated by granular, rough-textured, and archaic sounds. But also as a concrete and non-metaphorical approach to a granite-sound. The other aspects concern the evocation of certain Granite-Landscapes so as we see them in the North of Portugal: the texture of the granite, its constitution, and the suggestion known forms of nature.

Besetzung  | Scoring

Flute (also Picc.) ***
Bb Clarinet* ***
Basson ***

Percussion 1:
    4 Cymbals (4th cymbal with metal chains) | (IV. Becken mit Metallketten)
    3 Tom-toms
    2 Granit rocks
Percussion 2:
    4 Tai-Cymbals (4th cymbal with metal chains) | (IV. Becken mit Metallketten)
    3 Woodblocks
    Bass drum (große Trommel)
    2 Granit rocks


Viola ***
Violoncello ***
Contrabass ***

*   Written in Bb
**  Only one Vibraphone that should be acessible to both players
*** These Musicians will need an aditional small sand Shaker for piece III.